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i dont know

1. NAME~ Karen
2. SEX~ love it.. oh i mean im a FEmale
3. AGE~ seven plus eight= fifteen baby!
4. LOCATION~ .... hawaii ::sob::
5. SINGLE OR WHAT?~ not even up to bat man


1. 10 BANDS~ dont really have any i guess, i just like what i like
2. 10 MOVIES~ lilo and stitch... i cried so frickin hardcore in that movie
3. FOODS~ spaghetti abd HEB vanilla ice cream
4. DRINKS~ DIET pepsi
5. POSSESSION~ brutus [hehehe teague. he loves the breast milk man]


1. BANDS~ new found glory... simple plan... you all must DIE!!
2. MOVIES~ nothing in particular, just anything that pisses me off
3. FOODS~ peas and lima beans... ::bleck:
4. DRINKS~ cough syrup


1. TELL US SOMETHING INTERESTING ABOUT YOU~ ummmm.... i miss texas like crazy crackers man
2. HOWS THE WEATHER?~ tis a bit cloudy, perhaps it shall rain
3. TELL US A JOKE...MAKE US LAUGH:~ im sexy [everyone laugh!!!!]
4. DO YOU LIKE TURTLES?~ only if they're cute
5. WHY DID THE CHICKEN CROSS THE ROAD~ there was a free prostitute waiting for him in the other side.... SCOOOOOOORE~~
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